The Corvette C8 is certainly a quick car, as well as a fast car. It also looks the part, which makes some people love the design and others hate it. However, until Chevrolet brings a production all-electric Corvette to market, it's probably not ever going to be able to show Tesla who's boss.

The Tesla Model S Performance 'Raven' is one of the quickest production cars ever built. It sits alongside another performance electric car – the Porsche Taycan – far ahead of most cars when it comes to zero-to-60 and quarter-mile times. Both of these EVs can rocket to 60 mph from a standstill in 2.4 seconds or less.

Keep in mind Tesla may bring the Model S Plaid to market in the near future, which will make it much harder for these gas-powered sports cars, as well as upcoming electric sports car, to even compete.

Tesla Plaid Channel on YouTube races a Corvette C8 in the 1/8-mile. The Tesla driver does everything he can to give the Corvette driver an edge, since he knows he's going to blow it away over the short distance. He sets the car in Ludicrous rather than Ludicrous Plus, he gives the 'Vette a half-second head start to make sure it gets traction, and he doesn't use launch control/Cheetah stance. Still, the Tesla takes the win.

Moving ahead to the video embedded below. This time, it's two races featuring the Model S Raven and a different stock Corvette C8. Again, the Corvette is given the advantage in much the same way. However, in the first race, the Model S owner doesn't let the Corvette drive have the initial jump, though he does in the second race. Needless to say, it doesn't help the C8 secure a win.

We've also included the longer race-day videos below. The first includes nine different 1/8-mile races. The second video has nine new quarter-mile races. The Model S narrowly loses two of the shorter races and only one of the longer races. Again, no Ludicrous Plus or Cheetah Stance.

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