Tesla's Battery Day and Investors Day are right around the corner, just about a week away. In fact, the event, which is comprised of mostly virtual components due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is set for next week, Tuesday, September 22, 2020.

Elon Musk recently tweeted, "Many exciting things will be unveiled on Battery Day 9/22." This is really an obvious and unneeded statement. Most Tesla fans, owners, and investors are already excited about the "exciting things." However, Musk is doing the usual pumping to pique people's interests.


What's really coming? Why didn't he say more? Sadly, due to an agreement with the SEC, Musk has to be very careful about any specifics he reveals. If he were to talk about something specific and it didn't come to fruition, he could be accused of trying to unfairly push Tesla's stock higher.

Honestly, Musk hasn't seemed to care much about the SEC agreement in the past, so perhaps he's just being a tease and really doesn't want to reveal anything ahead of next week, though he still has another whole week to drop hints on Twitter. In typical Musk style, perhaps more tweets are coming this week with some obscure or encrypted details.

As far as we're concerned, Tesla and Musk may not even have a full plan yet as to what exactly will be revealed. The event has been pushed back multiple times. Initially, it was delayed for no apparent reason, so perhaps the company just wasn't ready to publicize the details. The coronavirus pandemic caused further delays, but it appears at this point the September 22 date is set in stone and will not be moved or canceled.

There's a chance the information revealed at the upcoming event could be somewhat of a letdown. This is because we already have a basic idea of what's happening at Tesla related to batteries and the future. If Musk just highlights the Roadrunner Project, upcoming products, potential battery breakthroughs, etc., it may not go over well.

However, with the amount of attention the event is getting, along with plenty of other factors (upcoming competition, Tesla's financial situation, Tesla's stock situation, etc.), it seems the company would go all out here and assure that the event comes off with a huge bang.

What do you think? Will Battery day be groundbreaking and electrifying, or just a usual pump? Is anything coming very soon, or are we just looking into the future again? Will Tesla's stock soar? Scroll down and give us your insight in the comment section.

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