Branden Flasch made the video above in July, and he was already impressed with the progress the company had made in getting its Casa Grande factory ready. The pictures below are also from him and were made on September 7, which demonstrates Lucid is also fast at getting things done. Above all, it shows production may be very close.

This is something Peter Rawlinson will probably be able to confirm this September 9, when he will present the production version of the Lucid Air. The company has already shown it has the fastest sedan on Earth, with a time of 9.9 on the quarter-mile – just a coincidence with the car's presentation date. Another impressive landmark for the company is the EPA estimated range of 517 mi.

Lucid Factory In Casa Grande, AZ, Looks Close To Production Days

The video shows that the employees' parking lot was still waiting for asphalt in July. The pictures now taken by Flasch reveal that place is already paved. It even seems to have the parking spots already determined in some photographs.

Regarding the factory, Flasch referred to a lack of walls in the video. The footage shows part of the building at the back, still in need of these walls. The pictures do not present that part of the building, but we would bet it is complete at this point.

Lucid Factory In Casa Grande, AZ, Looks Close To Production Days

We hope Rawlinson and his team are willing to give us a sneak peek of the interior of the factory. Are the machines already there? How long will the factory take to be fully operational? With the production specs already defined, how much will it take for production to start?

These and many other questions will emerge this next Wednesday. Most of them about the sedan and its 900V battery pack. Some may even be about the SUV based on the same architecture we showed our readers a while ago. But make no mistake that the main point now will be production.

The company already disclosed it intends to start deliveries in 2021. That said, we would not doubt the company will start production soon, still in 2020. Are we right? Please let us know that, Rawlinson.

Source: Branden Flasch

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