Our own Kyle Conner was all out of sorts this weekend, and rightfully so, as he ranted to us about the public charging situation near his home. He's had plenty of issues with Electrify America in the past and this adds another one to the mix. Kyle put together a video detailing the situation and also reached out to Electrify America for comment.

Conner has a Nissan Leaf on loan to test drive and review. He planned a little road trip to get acquainted with the car and record some video footage. However, when he was looking at PlugShare for a place to charge, every station along I-95 had a little "wrench" icon.

It turns out, Electrify America had shut down every charging station from the middle of Virginia to southern South Carolina in order to do upgrades (this is nearly 500 miles of highway). For some reason, the company didn't alert EV owners of this ahead of time and it closed all the stations at the same time during a busy holiday travel weekend.

Anyone road-tripping from New York to Florida in an electric car, or anywhere in between, would really have no way to make it, unless they own a Tesla. While more people drive Teslas than other EVs, this is really a bigger problem than having the Tesla Supercharger network down. We're talking about all other EVs, many of which don't offer a ton of range. It comes as no surprise people were literally left stranded.

Conner shares all the details with us in the video above. He also reached out to Electrify America and got an official statement to share (see below). Check it out and leave us a comment below. If you were impacted by this, we'd love to hear your story.

Statement from Electrify America:

Electrify America made the decision months ago to replace EV chargers on the East Coast that were not meeting our standards and more importantly not meeting our customer’s expectations

The company is taking these major actions to improve charger performance on the East Coast. To allow EV drivers to plan accordingly, we were proactive about showing availability of charging sites on our travel app and PlugShare. We recognize the challenges this may pose over a long weekend for our customers. We are committed to upgrading and re-energizing these charging sites as soon as possible.  

We regret any inconvenience to our customers.

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