BYD, one of the world's largest electric bus manufacturer, boasted recently that its zero-emission buses already covered more than 13 million miles (21 million km) in the U.S.

The buses sold in North America are made in Lancaster, California, where local transit agency - the Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA) - just crossed the 3-million-mile mark of zero-emission operations using BYD buses.

Overall, the company sold buses to more than 50 customers across the country. According to BYD, the total mileage translated into:

  • saving over 16,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions
  • the equivalent mileage of more than 520 trips around the globe
  • the equivalent of removing 13,000 cars from the road
  • eliminated the need for transit agencies and operators to consume 3.3 million gallons of diesel fuel resulting in millions of dollars in savings to U.S. taxpayers, based on transit agency estimates

AVTA, which is one of the major BYD customers in the U.S., said that over a couple of years its EV fleet "saved 769,231 gallons of diesel fuel, which equates to a savings of more than $1 million in fuel costs after paying for electricity".


Electrification of public transport is one of the major things to do, as due to the size and average mileage of those vehicles, replacing them with electric brings huge benefits. Especially in the city centers, which are the most affected by emission problems.

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