On June 4, 2020 the Netherlands announced new incentives for passenger all-electric cars purchases or leases by private individuals.

The available amount is €4,000 ($4,550) in the case of new cars, and half of that in the case of used BEVs.

From June 4, 2020 (applications from July 1) to July 1, 2025:

  • New BEVs: €4,000
  • Used BEVs: €2,000

The government requires that the car's price is €12,000-€45,000 and the range is at least 120 km (75 miles).


That should bump the sales this year, although it seems there is a catch. The budget for the year 2020 is €17.2 million (€10 million for the new BEVs and €7.2 million for the used BEVs).

If we understand it right, only 2,500 new BEVs and 3,600 used BEVs will get the full subsidies.

That does not sound like a lot. In 2019, registrations of all new plug-ins averaged over 5,500 per month.

The new incentives in the Netherlands are just an example of what we will see soon in many other countries, where governments will try to keep car sales (including plug-in car sales) high, against the COVID-19 slowdown.

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