Comparing this Chinese-built Changli EV to an actual car wouldn’t be fair to it, because it’s not an actual car. It’s way less expensive and sophisticated than a real automobile, but if you compare it to something closer to it in terms of size and complexity, like a golf cart, it actually starts to look really good.

It’s really just a big, covered mobility scooter with hints of car. And if you weren’t impressed by it via the previous videos done by Jalopnik’s Jason Torchinski, maybe this one focused around the Changli’s engineering prowess might sway you its way.

What are a few of its standout engineering features? Well, it has actual coilover front suspension, it has a unibody construction (like an actual passenger car, not a body sitting on a chassis) and it even comes with a rear differential (to which the manufacturer bolted the electric motor).

They also located the battery pack that powers the vehicle. It's under the driver’s seat and it’s covered by a high tech material that’s even lighter than carbon fiber: cardboard. Joking aside, the vehicle is powered by five 12V lead-acid batteries that could easily be swapped for more advanced lithium-ion cells for extra range.

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