BMW has no plans to develop a second generation of its i3 electric vehicle, but once that model is no longer made, it will have to offer an alternative in the same size and price bracket. Back in 2019, the German automotive media produced a report that the Bavarian automaker might enter a partnership with Daimler to develop a common EV architecture to be used by both parties.

That new platform would become the basis for the i3’s replacement, a 2024 model the report suggested would be called i2. Even back then, we didn’t have much information about this new i2 and the only concrete fact about it was that it would be a much more conventional looking vehicle than the one it was replacing; it was also suggested that the i2 would be roughly the same size as the i3.

Its body style and other details remain a mystery to this day, but if it’s a sedan, maybe it could look a bit like this rendering. It tries to portray what an electric version of the current 2 Series Gran Coupe might look like with all of the BMW i design cues added on.

We really don’t expect the i2 to be this vehicle (at least not if the whole jointly developed platform deal is true), but this rendering is well done and it shows how BMW would style an EV based on its smallest sedan.

BMW i2 Gran Coupe EV

And while this particular model will never see the end of a production line, the idea of having a small and relatively affordable electric sedan in the range could make sense (as a kind of cheaper alternative to something like a Tesla Model 3 or BMW’s upcoming i4).

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