Just a few weeks ago, our own Tom Moloughney got his hands on the new all-electric Mini Cooper SE. What did he do with it? Headed to our track in North Carolina, of course. Moloughney got on the road to go visit Kyle Conner and prove this short-range EV's road-trip potential.

The guys also drove it around the track, raced it, performed a range test, all the usual. If you weren't aware, Tom and Kyle are both huge MINI fans, so they had a lot of fun. Similarly, the guys over at The Fast Lane Car also have a thing for Minis, and they're now testing the new all-electric Cooper SE. Following their recent range test, they've got the Mini out on the track. Its competitor, the gas-powered turbocharged Mini Cooper with the John Cooper Works package.

Does the electric Mini Cooper have what it takes to keep up with the traditional Mini? Which is faster off the line? How about on the twisty track?

The turbocharged Cooper has more horsepower, but not by much, and only due to the tuning. The electric Mini has instant torque, but it's a heavier car. This is definitely an interesting matchup. Check out the video for the answers.

Video Description via The Fast Lane Car on YouTube:

DRAG RACE! Can The New Electric 2020 Mini Cooper SE Beat A Performance-Tuned JCW On The Track?

( https://www.TFLcar.com ) It's the past versus the future, gasoline versus electricity, turbocharging versus...charging. Does the 2020 Mini Cooper SE have the punch to beat its ancestor - a 2010 Mini Cooper JCW - in a drag race? Let's find out!


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