When Rich Benoit – from the Rich Rebuilds YouTube channel – and Samcrac decided to buy a cheap Chevy Spark EV, they already planned to turn it into the cheapest electric pizza oven on wheels around. But it seems Benoit got the most labor-intensive part of the job. Well, not exactly him, but rather Daniel Inez, co-owner of Dan's Auto Body. Inez showed Benoit all the steps involved in a decent paint job.

Benoit was going to paint the external parts of the warming oven, the door in which it was installed, the hood, and the front bumper. Although that seems to be just a bunch of parts, their preparation demands quite some time.

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Disassembling the door alone took Benoit and Inez an hour. And that was just the beginning. The hood had dirt and marks that had to be removed, while the other parts needed some sanding and cleaning for the paint to be perfect.

When these parts were ready, Inez taught Benoit how to apply the primer properly. That also demanded preparation, covering parts where dirt particles could fly with the pressure of the paint gun and damage the whole service.

Rich Rebuilds Makes Sure His New Chevy Spark EV Can Keep Fried Chicken Warm

With the components adequately dried, it was time to check the precise color they were going to have. Matching paint colors used to be quite a challenge. Apart from very skilled paint jobs, it was the easiest way to say if a car was involved in a crash or not: the difference between parts was evident even to people that do not care about cars. 

Inez showed a device that helps get an exact match. It was placed apparently on the old Spark EV hood, and the chosen color was spot on, but it required careful preparation. Inez removed dried pigments from it with not one, but two stringers.

The Cheapest Electric Pizza Warming Oven On Wheels Gets A Decent Paint Job

Benoit also helped apply the base coat and the clear coat. After that, he swore never to paint another car part professionally again, leaving the job to people that know what they are doing, such as Inez.

When he promised the third and last part of his electric Domino's DXP construction, we could see he got close to painting again, but that was with a spray can, probably the same one he kicked when Inez said he did not work with them. Well, the pizza – and Popeyes Fried Chicken – warming oven on wheels may be cheap, but it promises to look good. We'll know about that next week.

Source: Rich Rebuilds

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