Ever wonder what a Tesla Model 3 would sound like if fitted with something similar to an exhaust system? EVs don't use exhaust pipes since there's nothing to exhaust, but this system emulates the sound of a conventional muffler setup found on a gas-burning vehicle.

For some, the quietness of electric drive is pure bliss. However, there are others who just can't get away from the vroom, vroom of an accelerating gas-fueled car. For that crowd, there's this - the Militek Active Sound Generator Retro-Fit for Teslas. The kit is available for the Model 3, Model Y, Model S and Model X.

The Active Sound Generator will make your Tesla go vroom, vroom and there's even several other sounds to choose from. Additionally, an app can be used to control the sound and the volume level.

For EV purists, this is probably as distasteful as they come, but we understand the appeal here for those who just can't quite let go of the rumble of an exhaust. Check out the video above to hear the system in action.

The system is described as an active sound generator. The company behind the product is Militek and it states:

Active Sound Generator Retro-Fit for Tesla Model 3 RWD and Dual Motor 4WD models, including Performance models.

App controlled and offering 10 selectable sound files, Milltek's range is unrivalled in this market. Moreover a minimal amount of power is used to run the speakers so range should only be marginally affected.

The unit is quite pricy though at $2,104 in the U.S.

Militek has posted a video on YouTube too. You can check it out right here:

Militek states the following in connection to the video above:

Active Sound Version 2 widens the ability to give your car more character than ever before, offering everything the original version did plus a whole lot more. As Milltek Sport brand ambassador Tom Onslow-Cole demonstrates V2 has an increased selection of sound files and a wider range of configurable settings, making it the only platform to give you complete control over the sound of your vehicle.

We wonder though, how many Tesla owners out there would consider such a system?

Video description (for video at the top of this post) via SneakerheadinthebayVlogs on YouTube:

Yup... You see it. In today's video we install a Milltek Exhaust on my Tesla Model 3! Let me know what you think!

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