You may or may not remember, several months ago we covered a video from the Like Tesla YouTube channel. It was so good, we called it the best video the channel had ever made. This is because it was packed with information about a Tesla-powered Ford F-450 electric pickup truck conversion project.

Sure, that video may not have so much of the usual eye candy and sexy shots of Tesla cars that are often present in Like Tesla's videos, but what it does have is a fascinating subject and plenty of in-depth and educational content. Plus, at this point, if you want an all-electric pickup truck, a conversion project is your only option. And, that's not going to change for a long time.

Fast-forward to the present, and the Tesla-powered Ford F-450 pickup truck is a reality. In fact, it's so real it's ready for its first test drive. Gregory Coles and Bill Scalia prove that the components are working properly, then head out on the road to show us this beast's instant torque and gear setup. After proving the truck is roadworthy, it's time to reassemble it to its original form.

The guys make it clear that there's a whole lot more video content related to the project. They just haven't had the time to get it all up sequentially. We'll be watching for it so we can share it all with your here. In the meantime, scroll down to our comment section and leave us your thoughts about this project.

Video Description via Greg Goes Electric on YouTube:

F450 E Road Test

Just a quick video covering the final stationary test of the motor, gear reduction and other related components. Then we perform the first road test with the F450-E, after determining the components are roadworthy, we then start to reassemble the vehicle to its original form.

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