The global COVID-19 epidemic has hit automakers quite hard, but some are recovering and restarting production now. One automaker that is slowly returning to its former production capacity is Volkswagen and EV enthusiasts can rejoice because production of its ID.3 hatchback has been restarted and is slowly being ramped up.

VW intends to build 100,000 ID.3s this year and once it phases out the Golf Variant (wagon) production at the Zwickau plant (sometime later this year), ID.3 production will be ramped up an 300,000 per annum.

And according to this video by nextmove, nobody at the factory is apparently worried about the much talked-about software issues that plagued the ID.3. It seems that while they have yet to be fully sorted, they are not severe enough to be a major talking point among those working at the factory - it’s probably a more hotly debated matter at the company’s headquarters.

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