One of the coolest new features added via recent Tesla over-the-air updates has to be the Cheetah Stance launch mode. It’s such a trick thing to see in action, especially since it lowers the front of the car before it fires itself off the line - it’s really impressive to see in action, if a bit nerdy, but none of the people who have tested it so far are reporting any significant performance gains with this feature enabled.

The most recent well known Tesla owner to discuss how useful Cheetah Stance launches are is Bjørn Nyland. He didn’t actually test it himself, but he had footage from a fellow Model S Performance owner who did several launches with the feature enabled and whose results are less than convincing.

His first attempt didn’t even dip below the 3-second mark, although subsequent ones did. What’s interesting is that during the last attempt, which recorded a 2.91-second time to 100 km/h (62 mph), the new Cheetah Mode was not enabled and the time was just a few tenths off what the car achieved the new launch mode turned on.

Bjørn does say the car could still be faster with the mode enabled, and maybe the cold day when the acceleration runs were performed (outside temperature was 8°C / 46.4°F) could have negatively affected the result. Also worth noting is the fact that the acceleration time is measured up to 100 km/h (62 mph); the time to sprint to 60 mph will be a few tenths quicker.

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