Volkswagen was supposed to begin deliveries of the highly anticipated ID.3 electric hatchback this summer. However, there is a strong chance the manufacturer might miss that deadline if it doesn’t find a fix for the serious software issues that are said to have arisen and that we found out about late last year.

But even so, the automaker has been manufacturing and stockpiling ID.3s and it says it’s still on track to begin deliveries in a few months’ time (in spite of previously announced possible delays). This, even though when the software issue was reported, it was suggested that first deliveries would be pushed back by another year, to the summer of 2021.

Recently, an ID.3 was taken on a 1,200 km (745 miles) through Germany and it apparently performed very well. VW CEO, Hebert Diess, announced on his personal Linkedin profile that

‘ My new working week starts together with Thomas Ulbrich at the wheel of a Volkswagen ID.3 – our most important project to meet the European CO2-targets in 2020 and 2021. The Corona Pandemic is a challenge for Sales and Production – but also for our Research & Development. We are fighting hard to keep our timeline for the launches to come. In R&D we are now working in two separate teams: morning and afternoon. We wear masks, keep our distance and follow high hygiene standards. Many meetings are now videoconferences. And we are making progress: Thomas just had a test drive over 1200 kilometres with several fast charging stops and was very happy with the performance of the ID.3. ‘

This message from the VW CEO leaves us with more questions than answers. We were expecting the deliveries delay for the ID.3, yet now we’ve been led to believe that it’s no longer the case? All we can do is wait and see if ID.3s start reaching customers within the next few months, or if they’re forced to wait for their cars until 2021.

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