Almost one in eight new passenger car registrations were plug-in electric cars.

While the overall car sales in Denmark decreased by 42% in March, the plug-in electric car sales not only went up, but took the biggest share ever.

EV Sales Blog reports that there were 1,758 new plug-in car registrations, which is 12% of the total car sales (about one in 8.3 new cars).

The first quarter closed with 4,166 new registrations (up 90% year-over-year) and at an average market share of 8.5% (more than twice than in 12-months of 2019).

Plug-in electric car sales in Denmark – March 2020

The biggest contributor to March's record is the Tesla Model 3, which with 728 new registrations (41% of all plug-ins) jumped to first place year-to-date with 867 total.

Interestingly, the next two best selling models are again Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (223 and 515 YTD), and Volkswagen e-Golf (78 and 386 YTD).

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