After completing the coast-to-coast highway in Canada, Tesla is now targeting a new unreached land - Alaska, one of the states that still didn't get a proper fast-charging infrastructure.

***UPDATE: Turns out just one station is planned. Guess April Fool's Day got us on this one.

The company already selected first location (which may vary), and timing (which may vary): Anchorage in 2020.

Anchorage, AK

Coming Soon

Target opening in 2020
Exact timing and specific location may vary

Tesla Supercharger Anchorage Alaska
Tesla Supercharger Anchorage Alaska

Today, more news emerged as it seems that the entire Alaska Highway will be electrified with a bunch of Supercharging stations.

Tesla's new approach seems to be placing Superchargers pretty densely, as the electric cars' range is usually lower in cold weather.


Since British Columbia, Canada is also not yet covered in the northern direction, we believe that Tesla customers will be relying on CHAdeMO adapters over there.

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