Elon Musk touts the Tesla Cybertruck's active suspension setup as game-changing, but it turns out that Ram introduced a similar system back in 2016. Will they be the same? Let's take a look at how the setup works on the Ram 1500 and see if that's what Musk is suggesting we'll see in the Cybertruck.

First, let's start with the latest Musk tweet on the topic:


From the tweet, Musk seems to be implying that the Cybertruck will be game-changing due to its active suspension. However, Musk presumably isn't aware of the fact that Ram introduced this setup on its 1500 pickup truck as an option dating back to at least 2016.

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How does the Ram's active suspension work?

The Ram 1500 has what's called an Active-Level Four-Corner Air Suspension. This system features five distinctive operational modes, with individual control at all four corners.

The automatic load leveling is designed to maintain a horizontal plane under heavy payloads and to help improve capability and maintain performance, regardless of what's being hauled.

What are the 5 modes?

Off-Road 2 - this mode provides the most ground clearance for the path and trail and generous angles for approach, departure and breakover. The difference from normal is +2.0 inches.

Off-Road 1 - like Off-Road 2 mode but with less rise. The difference from normal is +1.2 inches front and +0.9 inches rear.

Normal Ride Height - balance of ride and handling for everyday driving.

Aero mode - automatically lowers the vehicle, reducing aerodynamic drag and “body roll,” and measurably improves fuel efficiency. Only useable at highway speeds. The difference from normal is -0.6 inches.

Entry/Exit mode - automatically lowers the vehicle, making it easier to get in and out of your truck, load your bed or hook up your trailer. This mode is manually controlled by the internal button bank or remotely with the key fob. The difference from normal is -2.1 inches front and -1.7 inches rear.

How will the Tesla Cybertruck's active suspension differ?

The Ram's active suspension pretty much does everything that Musk has spoken about in relation to the capabilities of the Tesla Cybertruck's "game-changing" active ride height and active damping, so we don't expect there to be any significant differences between the Ram's system and the one that debuts on the Cybertruck.

Sure, the Cybertruck is newer and, as such, its system may be more advanced, but the basics will likely remain the same here.

The Ram's active suspension reacts to conditions. Responds automatically to payload and adjust in many useable ways. It's not easy to see a clear way upon which this system can be improved.

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Let us know in comments if you can come up with ways in which the Cybertruck's suspension could differ from that of the Ram.

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