Is Tesla Autopilot able to recognize and stop for a dog in the path of the car? How about a human? Maybe a traffic cone will throw the system off. Let's watch the video to find out.

Yes, we've seen tests like this before. However, most of those tests were either conducted by safety agencies like the NHTSA or NCAP, or we're performed by Teslas dating much further back than the one featured in this video.

The Model 3 in this video is a newer breed of 3. We believe it was purchased within just the last few months and, as such, is fitted with the newest hardware and likely up-to-date software.We base this newness assessment on other videos produced by this same YouTube channel and they only feature the Model 3 going back to about 2 months ago and at the time, the YouTuber referred to it as his new car.

Moving on. This test first features a blow-up dog that's quite life-size in its appearance. Will the Model 3 stop for it though? The answer here is that it depends on the situation. The 3 does and does not stop for the dog, depending on circumstances.

Will the Model 3 stop for a human? This test too has been conducted on real-life people in the past and the results are usually the same. We'll omit the results from this test though, so you'll have to watch the video to see if the human gets hit.

Lastly, there's the cone test. Another tricky scenario where the results can and do vary.

The takeaway here is that Autopilot won't detect and stop for everything, so be attentive at all times.


Video description via lowlifeduramax on YouTube:

Today we test the Tesla Model 3 autopilot to find out how effective it is in avoiding an accident and stopping the vehicle from a collision with dog, traffic cone, and pedestrian. Would you trust this car? Drop a comment below!

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