This series of tests attempt to discover what Tesla Summon Mode will stop for. A human? A chair? How about a pop bottle or even a trash can. Let's find out.

The purpose of this video is to see just how "smart" Tesla Summon Mode really is. Sure, it's a useful feature that can bring your car to you, but what if it's going to hit something in the process? Even worse, what if your Tesla runs over a person in Summon Mode? Wouldn't you be responsible then?

Fortunately, Tesla's system is pretty reluctant to do stupid things, but will it run over a pop bottle or ram into a trash can? This is all pretty simply to test, provided you don't mind lying on the ground to see if Summon will mow you down.

Grab a look at the video notes below and then check out the video above to see just how smart (or dumb) Tesla Summon Mode really is.

Video description via Tesla's Wild on YouTube:

This is a video testing what the radar, ultrasonic sensors, and cameras on the Tesla Model 3 will detect and stop the vehicle from running over. We test a variety of objects, and then go into a discussion on the various hardware involved.

  • Highlights:
  • Intro: 0:00 
  • Teaser 0:04 
  • Tesla's Wild Intro 0:20 
  • Opening Remarks 0:50 
  • Showing Items to Test Testing: 1:37 
  • Trash Can Testing 2:04 
  • Folding Chair Testing 2:30 
  • Recycle Bin Testing 2:58 
  • Snowboard Testing 3:27 
  • Longboard Testing 4:13 
  • 2L Soda Testing 5:11 
  • Helmet Testing 5:28
  • Spray Paint Testing 5:56
  • Myself Testing 7:51
  • Testing Summary Analysis: 8:08
  • How Does the Car Sense Objects? 8:49
  • How Do Ultrasonic Sensors Work? 9:53
  • How Does Radar Work? 10:58
  • Discussing Object Detection 12:45
  • Closing Remarks
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