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Scania battery electric truck

Scania (part of the Volkswagen Group) this month deployed its first two battery electric trucks for a pilot program with Norwegian wholesaler ASKO in Oslo.

Those are the city distribution trucks (27 tonnes GVW) with a basic range of up to 120 km (75 miles), equipped with 165 kWh battery packs.

The key aspect for the application will be recharging batteries during loading and unloading, which might be possible as the truck accepts up to 130-150 kW of power.

"This pilot marks another milestone in the cooperation regarding electrified solutions for heavy transport between Scania and ASKO.

The results from Scania’s hybrid vehicles using electric mode in city centres are positive, so it makes sense to start with fully electric battery-powered trucks in city distribution. With the battery technology that is currently available, battery electric trucks need to drive shorter distances and be able to recharge batteries. In city distribution, this can be done while loading or unloading goods."


Technically, the truck is currently a conversion of a diesel model.

"As always, Scania’s work is based on a modular approach. In the battery electric trucks deployed in ASKO’s operations, the internal combustion engine in the powertrain is replaced by an electric machine, powered by rechargeable batteries.

Scania’s approach to electrification involves researching and developing a broad palette of solutions. This includes different kinds of bio-fuelled hybrid-electric technologies, as well as fully electric trucks and buses. Scania also works with electric vehicles that can be charged in different ways, ranging from plug-in charging, to pantograph-charging standing still or on the move through electrified roads, or charging through hydrogen-powered fuel cells."

Karin Rådström, Head of Sales and Marketing at Scania said:

“In the long run, electrification will be key to achieving a sustainable transport system for heavy vehicles as well. On the journey, it is as important as ever to work with customer-near development to understand the impact on the customers’ full operations, not only making sure that a technical solution works and the electricity that charges the batteries is sourced from renewable energy. That is why we are pleased with yet another important project together with ASKO,”.


  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 27 tonnes
  • Configuration: 6×2*4
  • 165 kWh battery
  • 120 km (75 miles) of range
  • Powertrain: 290 kW electric machine/245 kW continuous output, 2-speed transmission, 2200 Nm peak torque
  • Charging: Max power 150 kW DC (CCS)
  • Electric PTO: 15 kW

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