It is fantastic to listen to people that know so much about what they are talking that they give effortless explanations about that. That is what made Jason Fenske do so well in the Engineering Explained channel, for example. Peter Thompson is sure to follow the same path, and he proves that with his latest video. It is about the Tesla Battery Day and what to expect from it.

Gallery: This Video Tells Us What To Expect From The Tesla Battery Day

Thompson has already given us amazing explanations on video about the stressed-skin structure on the Tesla Cybertruck and also on the cast structures that will be used on the Model Y. Some of the technologies he speaks about in the video above will probably be on both these vehicles.

The first interesting aspect of what Thompson says relates to the definition of the Tesla Battery Day. He believes it is yet to be announced, not because of logistics or any similar issue. The university teacher thinks that the event depends on having the patents in place. Once they are secured, Tesla will define the day for the presentation.

This Video Tells Us What To Expect From The Tesla Battery Day

After that, Thompson talks about what these patents will probably represent. He revisits some patents that have already been presented and studies that point to what Tesla plans to achieve.

The innovations range from more energy density to the management system for the battery pack. Curiously, Thompson speaks about a solution for it that seems to be very similar to what Obrist has presented with its vacuum fixation technology.

This Video Tells Us What To Expect From The Tesla Battery Day

The university teacher speaks about a lot more things in detail. We could write an extensive article on all of them – probably more than one – but there is no need for that after watching the video. 

We urge you to do so and to learn everything that we may see on the Tesla Battery Day. We even suspect some may get disappointed to see Tesla may not have shown everything Thompson speaks about.

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