According to the MachEClub – an online forum dedicated to the upcoming all-electric Ford Mustang Mach-E crossover – plenty of new information about the SUV continues to surface.

The best part here is that much of the new information that MachEClub shared with us reportedly came directly from Ford. We'll say ahead of time, however, that we have no way of validating any of it for sure. Still, we can only hope that it all comes to be.

As shared by the MachEClub, via one of its community members:

  • Ford will begin contacting reservation holders soon (Q1)
  • Reservation holders will be able to change their trim level and options when they do their build and price. Plus, new options not currently listed will be offered.
  • Deliveries will go to Europe before America
  • Ford will deliver more than just the First Edition models in the US this year. In fact, they'll deliver every trim option except GT.
  • GT models will be delivered late spring or early summer of 2021
  • Ford will debut a new lease-type offer that will allow buyers to either use the tax incentive spread out across the monthly fee or use it all at once on their taxes.

It's probably exciting for Mach-E reservation holders to assume they will be contacted very soon. In addition, the prospects of changing trim levels and options is nice, not to mention potential new options that may become available.

What's most interesting to us, however, is Ford's possibility of offering a leasing-type scheme to help people take advantage of the federal EV tax credit in multiple ways. We'd love to know what you think of this since leasing has been a point of contention in terms of how the tax credit plays out. In the past, it has proven that it's not always in favor of the buyer, which seems completely unfair.

While completely unrelated to the above, we'll leave you with an image of the Mach-E's cargo volume as shown by another member of the MachEClub forum.


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