After several years running the popular YouTube channel Fully Charged and the Fully Charged LIVE exhibitions, Fully Charged founder Robert Llewellyn kicks off the first LIVE event today for a North American audience.

The event will run Saturday, February 1st until Sunday, February 2nd at the Circuit of the Americas motorsports complex in Austin, TX. 

Mr. Llewellyn believes that the time was right to expand the exhibition across the pond. "As North America is our fastest-growing audience - 35% of 'watch time' comes from Canada and the USA - and as 2020 is the year that incredible EVs like the Rivian's are coming to market, now is the perfect time to bring our LIVE show to North America in conjunction with our headline sponsor, Electrify America." 

The event will showcase over 50 electric vehicle models including the eagerly anticipated lineup from Rivian as well as rare or classic electric cars such as the GM EV1. For those in the market for an EV today, most of the currently available electric vehicles will be on display as well. 

In addition to the models on display, there will be several talks by popular YouTube personalities and long time EV advocates such as Chelsea Sexton. Presentations will cover a range of topics such as improving the sustainability of EVs, switching to wind and solar energy, persuading friends and family to drive electric, and "micro-mobility" such as electric scooters and bikes.

The variety should ensure that most attendees find something that interests them. A full list of the dozens of main event topics can be found here. However, many exhibitors will be hosting their own events and tech talks as well.

InsideEVs will be in attendance for the festivities and will report back over the weekend. Will you be attending this year's event? If so let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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·   Fully Charged LIVE sponsored by Electrify America, takes place at the Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas, on February 1-2, 2020.

·   The event will feature Rivian's hotly-anticipated R1T pick-up truck, Porsche's Taycan, and other top new electric vehicles coming on the market in 2020.

·   The two-day interactive live show - hosted by well-known British actor, presenter and writer, Robert Llewellyn (Junkyard Wars, Red Dwarf) - stars an array of 100 electric vehicle and clean energy YouTubers and experts 

·   Exclusive opportunity to get 'up close and personal' with the latest and greatest energy and transport technologies


Robert Llewellyn's 'Fully Charged', the world's no.1 electric vehicle and clean energy show, is bringing its smash hit LIVE exhibition to the Circuit of the Americas in Austin. The two-day weekend show, sponsored by Electrify America, includes a dynamic indoor and outdoor exhibition of Cleantech and Electric Vehicles, and centers around a packed programme of more than 30 live theater sessions.

Fully Charged LIVE will showcase the full range of electric vehicles available in the United States, from new vehicles to converted classics, as well as, 50 exhibitors of Clean energy and Electric Vehicle related technologies. Visitor attractions will include more than 30 entertaining discussions on topics as diverse as the decarbonisation of energy and transport to plastic pollution and veganism. These interactive sessions, will include well-known YouTubers, like Now You Know, Teslanomics and HyperChange, dozens of expert panellists and will play out across two packed-out theaters to be hosted by Robert Llewellyn, Chelsea Sexton (Who Killed the Electric Car?) and Leilani Munter (Ex-Racing Driver and Environmental Activist). Sessions include: 'Rivian: blazing a trail for electric pick-up trucks' and 'How far ahead is Tesla and can it be caught?'


Attendees will also have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the latest electrifying technologies, including Rivian's hotly-anticipated R1T pick-up truck and Porsche's Taycan, there will also be limited ride-ons and test drives in several of the electric vehicles that are already on the market. In addition, there will be a host of other innovative products, including Gocycle's ground-breaking, lightweight G1 which can be tested with other e-bikes on the 'Two-wheeler Test Track', plus brand new products including the public unveiling of the HEVO Power X8 Wireless EV Charging Technology. As well, as new technologies, visitors will also have access to electric conversions, classics and rarities, not least GM's iconic EV1.


Robert Llewellyn, Fully Charged founder comments: "As North America is our fastest growing audience - 35% of 'watch time' comes from Canada and the USA - and as 2020 is the year that incredible EVs like Rivian's are coming to market, now is the perfect time for us to bring our LIVE show to North America in conjunction with our headline sponsor, Electrify America. We cannot wait to welcome thousands of our viewers to the Circuit of the Americas track in Austin and spark interest in clean energy and electric vehicles.'

With an audience of more than 2 million consumers worldwide, Fully Charged is the place to start your journey to clean energy and electric vehicles., from electric bikes to electric planes and everything in between.


“The Fully Charged LIVE event is a great opportunity to connect with an audience that is passionate about the growing role of clean energy in transportation,” said Wayne Killen, director of infrastructure planning and business development at Electrify America. “Ensuring that forward-looking, high quality infrastructure is in place to meet the increasing demand of electric vehicles is an essential part of the equation. Electrify America is pleased our sponsorship of this event can help foster important discussions surrounding EVs and allow consumers to experience new technologies in a hands-on setting.”

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