The Tesla Model Y has been seen out testing on a multitude of occasions as of late. This is likely because Tesla may have plans to launch the crossover in the very near future. While we have no way of knowing for sure, much gleaned information points to the Model Y making its official appearance in the coming weeks.

In these recent video shares, a Tesla Model X owner who just happens to live in his Tesla (is that even legal) captured video of two Model Y crossovers out Supercharging after some testing in Colorado. As you can see from the videos, both Model Ys seem to have been put through the paces, though one stands out as being extra dirty. Who knows, maybe these crossovers were braving some rough terrain?

We've shared Love Town Rocket's follow-up video below. How do you think the Tesla Model Y will fare as an off-road vehicle? As always, check out the videos and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Video Description (above ⇑) Love Town Rocket on YouTube:

*two* Tesla MODEL Y's in the wild!! (RARE)

Two manufacturing cars spotted in Boulder, CO.

Video Description:

Tesla Model Y (two test vehicles up close and personal!)

Four engineers (not pictured) with the two cars doing a battery of tests. Super cool moment!


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