A Tesla Model X Raven takes on the Model 3 Performance in a drag race. This Tesla versus Tesla matchup can only end with one winner, but which car is it?

These days, Teslas have become a household name in drag races, surprisingly beating all sorts of cars, including Hellcats, Lamborghinis and so much more. In fact, it's become increasingly common to see the Tesla win almost no matter what car it's matched up against.

So, we turn the tables a bit here and features two Tesla against each other. The Model 3 Performance is one of the pertinent slayers of on the drag strip, and so is the Model X that can go head to head against its fossil-fuel-burning SUV counterparts.

But which of the two is faster? YouTube's Road Test TV pit the top-spec Teslas to see which one triumphs a straight-line race. Before you watch the video, let's crunch the numbers.

The Tesla Model 3 Performance in the video is powered by two electric motors that motivate both axles. Combined, it produces a total output of 473 horsepower (353 kiloWatts). It weighs 4,072 pounds (1,847 kilograms) and has a base price that's just shy of $60,000.

On the other hand, the Tesla Model X Performance in the video is the Raven, which is the updated version of the electric crossover. Also with an all-wheel-drive with two electric motors powering both axles, the Model X Performance Raven has a combined output of 762 hp (568 kW). It tips the scales at 5,400 lbs (2,449 kg) and has a base price of $104,990.

With these numbers now in hand, can you pick the winner? Watch the short video up to see if you choose the right car.

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