Videos like the above can prove to assist owners, onlookers, and authorities in getting to the bottom of investigations. Thankfully, it appears this cyclist's injuries may not be life-threatening, but there's no reason the people that hit him and drove away should ever get away with such a crime.

When Tesla first designed its vehicles with the hardware necessary for Autopilot and eventual Full Self-Driving technology, not to mention over-the-air update capability, it may or may not have considered that these built-in cameras and tech updates could prove so helpful in a number of other ways.

Now, we see an onslaught of TeslaCam and Sentry Mode videos on a daily basis. While some may be seen as simply fun, or even informative and educational, many others have proven useful in solving crimes or assisting in crash investigations.

As agencies like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) make decisions about suggested and required safety features on future vehicles, it seems there's more than enough Tesla data to support the event requirement of such camera systems in cars.

By the above, we mean not only cameras inside the cockpit, but also on the outside of vehicles, with the ability to capture and record incidents. This could prove hugely advantageous as a whole, not only to owners but also to insurance companies and the authorities.

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Video Description via da yo on YouTube:

Whittier Bicycle Accident Hit & Run 1-11-20 TeslaCam

Hit & Run, driver ran stop sign and hit a cyclist.


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