This Tesla Model 3 is unique in that it features something called Burnout Mode. In actuality, it's probably just some settings that you can select from the car's on-screen menus (including some hidden menus selections, all rolled into a single button if you know a bit of programming, it seems), but Burnout Mode is an appropriate name given the fact that the car now slides around with ease.

Elon Musk is known to often add new modes to Teslas by request, so maybe this one can be added in the future? We're not so sure the tires would like this new mode too much, but it sure does make for some impressive moves by the Model 3.

Of course, the less grippy surface helps out here quite a bit and saves some wear and tear on the rubber, but we'd still suggest you use this mode sparingly, or wait until your tires are due for replacement. However, the coolness factor of Burnout Mode is definitely high up there, so maybe it's worth some loss of rubber on occasion.

And lastly, we need to note that the driver in the video is very skilled at drifting, especially in tight places, so do please exercise caution if you try this out on your own.

Video description via lowlifeduramax on YouTube:

So today we created a burnout mode accessible right from the Tesla Model 3 display where we can simply switch it on and off with our great friend Elon keeping watch! Drop a comment and let us know if you'd like to learn how we managed to do it!

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus ( SR+ ) rear wheel drive!

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