BMW makes some of the most fun-to-drive plug-in hybrids on the market, but when you’re not in the mood for spirited driving, and you just want to burn as little fuel as possible, you should heed the manufacturer’s advice on the matter.

The Bavarian automaker recently published a video that explains how to make the most of its plug-in hybrid vehicles. It contains several tips that may be really worthwhile watch, especially for those for whom a BMW PHEV is their first plug-in of any kind.

We know for a fact that many people who purchase such vehicles don’t take the time to learn and understand how to get the best efficiency out of them. For instance, many owners forget to keep their PHEV’s battery topped up, solely relying on the internal combustion engine to do the charging - this, as you can imagine, has a noticeable negative effect on efficiency and it almost defeats the purpose of running one of these cars.

This is just one of the key points mentioned by BMW in the video, along with the importance of setting up a preconditioning schedule, as well as putting the car in Eco mode when you’re just pootling along and don’t need full power. It also explains how the Eco mode works and what it does exactly, in order for drivers to eke out as much efficiency as possible.

The thing is, though, that most of these tips don’t just work for BMW plug-in hybrids. They work on any such vehicle, because, as you can imagine, improper use of PHEVs isn’t restricted to just BMW drivers. If you drive a plug-in vehicle, it has most of these features, so you’ll still probably find it useful.

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