Carlos Ghosn refused to speak anything about Renault at his press conference. We are not sure if that was loyalty to his former employer or a strategic move. On the other hand, Renault tries to give an impression of normality under an avalanche of bad news at the Brussels Motorshow with two new cars, the Clio and the Captur E-Tech. Being the first PHEV from the brand, the Captur is the one that deserves our attention here at InsideEVs. And we are probably the first ones to reveal its prices.

Since it was presented at the 2020 Brussels Motorshow, we decided to check if the E-Tech option would already be available at Renault Belgium’s website. And there it was, as you can see in the gallery below.

Gallery: Renault First Plug-In Hybrid, Captur E-Tech Will Start At €32,575

The Captur E-Tech will be available just for the Intens and Initiale Paris derivatives so far. The Intens is sold in Belgium from €22,375. With the E-Tech Plug-In Hybrid powertrain option, its price goes to €32,575. That represents a 45.6 percent increase, probably compensated by more equipment.

Renault First Plug-In Hybrid, Captur E-Tech Will Start At €32,575

The Initiale Paris version costs €29,375. With the E-Tech Plug-In Hybrid option, the price rises to €35,575, with a 21.1 percent increase. Considering the Initiale Paris is already the top version for the Captur, the E-Tech probably does not add any new equipment to the car apart from the powertrain. That would allow us to infer the plug-in hybrid option will generally add €6,200 to the price.

Renault First Plug-In Hybrid, Captur E-Tech Will Start At €32,575

If you want the Captur E-Tech Plug-In Hybrid Initiale Paris fully loaded, with the more expensive options possible, the tag will read €37,625. You can configure the car in this link

Renault First Plug-In Hybrid, Captur E-Tech Will Start At €32,575

Apart from knowing the prices, the good news is that the range in mixed-use with an all-electric speed of up to 135 km/h (84 mph) has risen from 45 km (28 mi) to 50 km (31 mi), always following the WLTP cycle. If you decide to use the car in the city only with electricity, your range is still at 65 km (40 mi).

Gallery: See The New Renault Captur E-Tech Plug-in Hybrid At The Brussels Motorshow

The Captur is also more powerful. Instead of 150 ps (148 hp, or 110 kW), it now offers 160 ps (158 hp, or 118 kW). The combustion engine it uses is a 1.6-liter four-cylinder gasoline unit. Renault promises a fuel consumption of 1.5L/100 km, equivalent to 156.8 mpg. If you play well with charging and your country is EV friendly, you may manage not to burn a drop of gas.

When we first spoke about the PHEV version of the new Captur, back in July 2019, we already mentioned it was built over the CMF-B platform. The car uses a 9.8 kWh, 400V battery pack with a 3 kW onboard charger.

Renault Captur E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid

What is left to know about this Renault is when deliveries will start. The French company has not disclosed that yet. We will keep you posted, as usual.

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