Jaguar started sales of the I-PACE in the U.S. in October 2018, so 2019 was the first full year on the market. The result is 2,594 for the year (2,987 total, including three months of 2018).

While the total number is not that high, considering Jaguar's total volume of 31,051 (up 2% year-over-year by the way), the share of BEVs in the brand's result is actually not bad - over 8.3%.

Jaguar I-PACE sales – December 2019


Jaguar still has the potential to improve its EV position with the I-PACE, and following electric cars, although it's not necessarily an easy process.

In December, for example, sales decreased by 21% year-over-year to 176 (5.3% of all Jaguars). We could expect more.

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