If you love watching cars "dog fight" around a track, Out of Spec Motoring's latest Tesla Model 3 Performance battle should be right up your alley. The guys test out the difference between a Model 3 Performance "Plus" and a "sleeper" version of the same car.

Sometimes, Tesla's trim levels and packages can cause confusion. This is because the automaker is constantly making adjustments. To help you better understand what's going on here, we figured we should offer a bit of explanation.

Essentially, early on you could get a Model 3 Performance that looked just like a standard Model 3. However, a "Performance Upgrades" package was available to dial it up a notch (better wheels, brakes, spoiler, etc.). Later, Tesla made that package standard on every Model 3 Performance available using its online configurator. So, there are some sleeper M3Ps out there, and you may be able to order one from Tesla, but there is currently no online option to do so.

Most of the Model 3 Performance cars on the road today are likely those with the package, either because an early buyer chose to add it or because it came standard after Tesla made the change.

At any rate, it's interesting to see how the two cars stack up. The best part here is that Out of Spec plans to upgrade tires and brakes on the "Plus" car and run some tests again in the near future.

Check it out and leave us a comment.

Video Description via Out of Spec Motoring on YouTube:

Model 3 Performance Plus vs Minus Race Track Dog Fight

Kyle and Ben battle it out on the race track with their Performance Model 3s. One is a Performance Upgrades car and the other is a sleeper (standard wheels / brakes). Because these cars are both on different tires, we aren't sure we accomplished anything, but it was a great time.

Both cars were at the exact same SoC (72%) and were warmed up (had been supercharged and driven right before the track driving). The Performance Plus had the worst all season cheapest tires and did a pretty good job keeping up with the Stealth Performance with Summer performance tires.

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