This simulated video features the Tesla Cybertruck up against a 2019 Ferrari Formula 1 race car. The unfair race pits the Cybertruck up against the F1 car on a race track. A more fitting setting for the truck would be some sort of off-road course, but then the F1 car wouldn't stand a chance.

Though Tesla has made some bold claims in regard to the ability of the Cybertruck, it never once mentioned that it was designed for track use. Here are some of the claims made by Tesla:

  • 400-500 mile range or more
  • Seating for up to six
  • Price of under $50,000
  • Performance of a Porsche 911
  • Meet or beat both the Ram and Ford F-150

Sporting the performance of a Porsche 911 is one thing, but being able to match a dedicated Formula One race car is entirely different.

Is the new Cybertruck fast enough to outpace a Ferrari Formula One race car? No, but this is the virtual world here in this video and, as you'll see, the Tesla doesn't even come close to winning. But it's still entertaining to watch and to see what the massive truck might look like out on the track. We get to see the inside of the Cybertruck too.

Watch this not-so-real race featuring the new Cybertruck against an F1 race car. We sure do hope to see the real Tesla truck take on some other rugged trucks in some off-road challenges in the future.

See real-life video of the tesla Cybertruck against a Porsche 911 below (details here):

Video description via FlashTV On YouTube:

Ferrari F1 2019 vs Tesla Cybertruck - Monza

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