Official Jaguar global sales report for the month of November 2019 shows that the I-PACE sales decreased year-over-year for the very first time since introduction in 2018.

Jaguar sold 1,392 I-PACE, which is 36.6% less than a year ago when the freshly launched I-PACE was surging to fulfill a huge order backlog (especially in the Netherlands).

As Jaguar's overall sales also went down (by 23% to 11,464), I-PACE share remains stable at 12.1% of overall volume.

Jaguar I-PACE sales – November 2019


So far this year, Jaguar sold 15,444 I-PACE (22,337 cumulatively) and the average monthly rate doubled (to over 1,400) compared to 2018.

From the perspective of 20 months, we can probably assume that sales are directly related to the demand for the I-PACE, rather than supply constraints.


Jaguar I-PACE for sure seems to be a success in terms of share out of overall Jaguar sales (over 10% of the volume).

If the British brand (part of Tata Motors) will be able to gradually improve the car (range) or even add more BEVs (XJ successor for example), Jaguar may easily reach 20+ percent for BEV sales.

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