Hyundai showed on its official Twitter account an interesting Hyundai Hi-Charger concept, which is a 350 kW ultra-fast DC charger.

The South Korean manufacturer's marketing team failed to distinguish the energy and power unit, using "350 kWh" instead "350 kW" by the way, but let's focus on the new approach.

The Hi-Charger's novelty is an automatically rotating cable and connector. When an EV park at the station, a cable with plug lowers itself to make the connection possible.


Other things, like the use of an app to start charging or LEDs to show status are rather common.

We doubt whether such a charger would bring any serious benefit, especially compared to the added cost.

Maybe if there would be a roof, a hose to wash the car or inflate tire pressure, it would be a one-stop, multi-service device to save some time.


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