It is a good strategy to speak about things with a certain delay. The risk is to end up having nothing new to say about your subject. That risk is even higher with a popular topic, such as the Tesla Cybertruck currently is.

Anyway, the Tinkering Thomas YouTube channel did a really good job at this by mentioning something we had not noticed before. Or had you already seen the sail pillar storages open?

Gallery: Have You Noticed That The Tesla Cybertruck Has Sail Pillar Storages?

The image above was taken from the Cybertruck official unveiling. We probably did not pay attention to it because it showed up right after the unbreakable glass shattered. And it is a pity. Otherwise, people at the event would have asked to see it open, as well as the under-bed storage and the frunk.

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Tinkering Thomas’s video also spends a reasonable time talking about other aspects of the pickup truck that we’re glad you can see on Thanksgiving. It is worth listening to what Thomas has to say, even if some of that needs to be corrected.

Have You Noticed That The Tesla Cybertruck Has Sail Pillar Storages?

The stainless steel used in the Cybertruck, for example, is not 30 times stronger, as we also thought. It is just part of the 300 series stainless steel, or 30x, as Elon Musk called it.


Thomas also misses the point when he takes for granted that, by being an electric vehicle, the Cybertruck would naturally beat the Ford F-150 due to higher torque. He probably has not followed Musk’s discussion with Neil deGrasse Tyson. It is very enlightening about this common misconception. Or did not pay attention to the fact that the F-150 in the tug-of-war was RWD, which is not fair against an AWD vehicle such as the Cybertruck used.

Have You Noticed That The Tesla Cybertruck Has Sail Pillar Storages?

Anyway, the video is worthy of your attention, as we already mentioned. Thomas could have just talked a bit about the stressed-skin structure the pickup truck will have. Or about the fact that it will have the same weight as an F-150. But he compensates that with numbers and interesting angles on Tesla’s new presentation. And the memes. Give it a look when you can.

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