There have been plenty of people pointing out that they think the video of the Tesla Cybertruck outclassing the Ford F-150 in a tow battle was unfair. Tesla didn't provide any details, but it appears the F-150 was rear-wheel drive. In addition, it seems like the Cybertruck got a head start. You can check out the original video once again by scrolling down to the bottom of this article.

Hopefully, none of the above will matter soon, as these two trucks are expected to face off again in an "apples-to-apples" towing contest.


We can only assume that if CEO Elon Musk wasn't confident the Tesla Cybertruck would win under almost any circumstances, he probably wouldn't have replied, though he didn't think the Cybertruck's glass was going to break, so who knows.

Regardless, if Musk wasn't up for the challenge, he could have just said that Tesla only has one of these prototypes and this matchup will have to happen at a later date. However, now it seems he wants to get the show on the road as soon as next week.


DPCcars takes a brief look into the details. Check out the videos and let us know your prediction related to the upcoming towing matchup.

Video Description via DPCcars on YouTube:

Tesla Cybertruck vs Ford F 150 Tug Of War Explained

Towing capacity: More than 14,000 lbs
Payload: Up to 3,500 lbs
Range: 500+ miles
0-60 mph acceleration: 2.9 seconds
Vault length: 6.5 feet
Storage capacity: 100 cubic feet of exterior, lockable storage including the vault, frunk, and sail pillars.
Suspension: 4” in either direction
Touchscreen size: 17”
Body: Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless steel. If there was something better, we’d use it.
Seating capacity: Up to six adults
Charging: Can be charged at home, at Destination Charging locations, and with our network of more than 14,000 Superchargers, including on our newest V3 technology, which is helpful for long hauls and towing.

Video Description:

Elon Musk Accepts Tug Of War Challenge Between Tesla Cybertruck vs Ford F-150

Cybertruck is designed to have the utility of a truck and the performance of a sports car. The vehicle is built to be durable, versatile and capable, with exceptional performance both on-road and off-road. Cybertruck will come in three variants: Single Motor Rear-Wheel Drive, Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive, and Tri Motor All-Wheel Drive.

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