In December, Lyft intends to introduce 200 Kia Niro EV electric cars in Denver, Colorado, where by the way those cars are not available for sale.

Lyft drivers will be able to lease the cars from $230 a week and get access to partnering charging networks, like Electrify America:

"Beginning in December, Lyft drivers can lease the Kia Niros from the company’s facility in Aurora starting at $230 a week and increasing in tiers based on the mileage they drive. Ride-share drivers can also pay a weekly fee that will give them all-you-can-charge access to electricity from several different providers."

Electrify America so far deployed 7 fast-charging stations in the area with a total of 30 DC chargers. By the end of 2021, the numbers will increase to roughly 19 stations and 75 chargers).

The company believes that the partnership with Lyft will expand in the future to other markets.

"Electrify America announced today an agreement with Lyft to provide the rideshare company’s Express Drive program renters of electric vehicles (EV) with convenient and included charging on its DC fast charging network.

Express Drive is Lyft’s short-term car rental program that gives people wanting to drive on the rideshare platform access to an electric vehicle through its rental providers. The ultra-fast DC charging on Electrify America’s network is automatically included with the vehicle’s weekly rental and helps ensure that Lyft’s Express Drive EVs spend less time charging and more time giving rides."

Brendan Jones, chief operating officer at Electrify America said:

“This unique relationship with Lyft will be a game changer in helping us advance EV adoption and in reaching new consumer audiences through infrastructure, education and awareness initiatives. With this agreement, Lyft drivers will enjoy the advantages of Electrify America’s ultra-fast and convenient charging network to ensure that they can get back on the road quickly to transport riders to their destinations.”

Cal Lankton, Vice President for Fleet and Global Operations at Lyft said:

“Lyft’s mission is to improve lives with the world’s best transportation, and part of that commitment is taking action to put more clean vehicles on the road. However, we can’t have an impact without providing our drivers with fast, convenient access to charging, which is why we are thrilled to be working with Electrify America.”

Source: Electrify America,

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