A recent post on the Facebook Porsche Taycan Group reveals that the Taycan is now running on an 8- to 10-week delivery delay. A Norwegian reservation holder received an email from the German automaker explaining the situation.

Editor's Update: One of our very own U.S. Porsche Taycan reservation-holders (who doesn't want his info revealed) finally received an email alerting him that his delivery will be delayed. His email noted "Spring/Summer delivery." So, it's not just Norway at this point.

Tesla has been victim to heavy scrutiny over the years, as it struggles to launch vehicles on time. Once it has proceeded with a launch, there have typically been production and delivery delays. However, we're beginning to see more and more that it's not the only company experiencing such issues.

We've seen multiple EV launches that have proven similar issues. The Audi e-tron has fallen behind numerous times and continues to experience its share of delays. Jaguar has had comparable issues with the I-Pace.

Still, naysayers continue to assert that once legacy OEMs — with their huge budgets and years of manufacturing know-how — bring electric vehicles to market, they'll prove that Tesla is essentially an inexperienced failure.

This is a developing story ...

Check out the email from Porsche below (translated from Norwegian):

"Taycan is our first fully electric sports car. The car is developed from scratch and manufactured in a brand new factory. All Porsche employees have worked with full pressure to start delivering Taycan as scheduled in January. Still, as a result of the enormous complexity surrounding the production of Taycan, we must report that unfortunately the delivery dates are somewhat delayed.

We currently expect delays of around eight to ten weeks, and a new production time for your car will be communicated through your seller as soon as this is ready. We strongly apologize and guarantee that we will do everything we can to deliver your Porsche Taycan as soon as possible."

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