SEAT boasts that the Mii electric (one of the Volkswagen Group's triplets along with the refreshed Volkswagen e-up! and all-new Škoda CITIGOe iV) is now one of the most affordable electric vehicles in Europe, with a price on par with an equivalent combustion engine vehicle in the segment.

That's a huge selling point, considering lower total cost of electricity than fuel for driving and expected lower maintenance costs.

Before we will jump to prices, let's list the market where Mii electric will be available: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK.

There are two trims available:

  • Mii electric
  • Mii electric plus five colors and with several options (some are important like DC fast charging option), but overall, the car got Climatronic and 7.2 kW AC on-board charger as standard.

In Germany, the Mii electric (base version) starts at €20,650 ($22,820), which is even less than Škoda CITIGOe iV (€20,950) and Volkswagen e-Up! (€21,975).

Deducting the incentive of about €4,380, the effective price is just €16,270 ($17,980) or €145 per month (without a down payment, over a 36-month term and 10,000 km) - that's basically €5,220 for three years of using the car.

"And if you don’t want to buy the Mii electric outright, then leasing options will be available. In Germany for example, over a 36 month term and 10,000km, it will cost roughly €145/month (without downpayment), so people can simply enjoy driving it rather than worry about the costs involved. The leasing model will initially be available in Norway, Germany, Spain, France, the Netherlands and the UK.

The price in the UK, announced earlier, was £19,300 (after deducting £3,500 Plug-In Car Grant) and the first 300 customers that place an order by the end of this year can also get a free home charging station.

In Spain (the home market for the SEAT brand), it seems that the price might be even lower (like roughly €18,000 before incentives). With regional incentives of up to €5,500 (Madrid) it might be a hot city car.

If you are interested in the first series-produced all-electric SEAT, here is an updated gallery with tons of new photos:

Gallery: SEAT Mii electric

SEAT Mii electric specs:

  • 36.8 kWh battery pack (32.3 kWh available)
  • 250-259 km (155-161 miles) of WLTP range (combined)
  • 0-50 km/h (31 mph) in 3.9 seconds
  • 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 12.3 seconds
  • top speed of 130 km/h (81 mph)
  • front-wheel-drive
  • 61 kW and 212 Nm electric motor
  • 0-80% fast charging in around 60 minutes (40 kW DC Combo 2)
  • 0-80% normal charging in around 4 hours using 7.2 kW on-board charger
  • Length: 3,556mm, Width: 1,645mm, Height: 1,481mm, Wheelbase: 2,421mm
  • Boot capacity: 251 litres (up to 923litres with rear seats folded)

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SEAT Mii electric: making electrification affordable

Martorell, 11 November 2019

  • SEAT Mii electric is the first all-electric vehicle from the brand, making the technology affordable, with purchase costs on the same level as an internal combustion engine vehicle and low cost of ownership
  • Mii electric is the ideal vehicle for the city, mixing dynamic performance with practicality thanks to its 61kW electric motor and 32.3kWh lithium-ion battery
  • The Mii electric can reach 50km/h in only 3.9 seconds and has a range of up to 260km
  • All-electric city car offers multiple recharging options to replenish the battery to 80% of capacity in as little as one hour (40 kW DC charge)
  • The battery-electric city car lays the groundwork for more vehicles to join the family in the future
  • The Mii electric can be purchased starting at €145 per month with no down payment in Germany

The market for electrified vehicles is growing at pace as consumers see the benefits of moving away from traditional fuels and shift to more sustainable alternatives. SEAT is meeting these changes by developing cars to fulfil the requirements of this dynamic, ever-changing market, while also maintaining the sustainability of mobility. Electric is at the core of these exciting developments.

SEAT starts its electric offensive with the introduction of the Mii electric, a vehicle that brings affordability to the latest powertrain technology, while fusing dynamism, elegant design, and new levels of connectivity to offer a vehicle that is ready to meet the challenges of the city, and the needs of a new generation of customer.

The new model is SEAT’s first all-electric production vehicle and lays the groundwork for future members to join the family. More EVs and PHEVs are due in the near future, including the all-electric SEAT el-Born, plug-in hybrid versions of the Tarraco and Leon, and high-performance plug-in hybrid versions of CUPRA Formentor and CUPRA Leon.

“Electrification is expanding at a very fast pace; worldwide the electric vehicle market grew by 75% in the first 8 months of the year, and SEAT is ready to meet this growing demand,” said Luca de Meo, President of SEAT. “The Mii electric is the start of that journey, bringing to the market an affordable electric car, and shows the importance we place on not only developing vehicles that hold the essence of the SEAT brand, but also offer an exciting future for the industry and consumers.”

The Mii electric’s introduction will not only bring affordability to a technology that has until now been more expensive than combustion engine vehicles, it will also help prepare SEAT’s expansive dealership network to meet the demands of the growing electrified market. This will in turn help smooth any challenges, making the transition for customers moving to electric vehicles effortless.

Designed for everyone

The Mii electric’s exterior differentiation is subtle, with a refreshed look that includes the introduction of electric lettering at the rear, and electric stickers on the side. The vehicle’s aesthetics are highlighted with a choice of five colours: Deep Black, Candy White, Tornado Red, Costa Blue and Tungsten Silver, and the ability to further customise the exterior look with an optional black roof and side mirrors (available on Candy White, Tornado Red, Costa Blue and Tungsten Silver vehicles).

Inside, delicate changes include a new dashboard with SEAT IML foil (in-mould labelling) and ambient lighting, that present a new look to the Mii electric interior, without overpowering occupants.

Two trim levels – Mii electric and Mii electric Plus – keep the trim list simple, but include an array of advanced technologies and comfort features.

Mii electric trim includes electric front windows, ESP, tyre pressure control, central locking, immobiliser as well as side and curtain airbags as standard. The base trim level also includes Climatronic, lane assist, traffic sign reminder, hill hold and SEAT drive profile (normal, eco, eco+), making the Mii electric a highly specified vehicle. In addition, the all-electric vehicle comes with SEAT CONNECT as well as a “Cable Mode 3” to charge via a Wallbox or via the public infrastructure, as a standard equipment.

Move up to the Mii electric Plus trim and the vehicle includes 16” alloy wheels, tinted rear windows, black leather interior pack – steering wheel, gear knob and handbrake – and sport design seats with white stitching. Comfort levels are also increased with the inclusion of heated front seats, heated, electric door mirrors, front fog lamps and a six speaker audio system.

There are also five optional packs available, maintaining the lean and easy approach of the Mii electric range. The five optional equipment packs are: Garage, Easy Flex, Below Zero, Home Charge and Fast (DC Charging).

Garage adds rear parking sensors, cruise control and ambient light. Easy Flex includes height regulated front passenger seat, a hook in the glove box, split foldable rear seats and a double floor in the boot. Choosing Below Zero brings heated front seats, electric and heated mirrors, a heated front windscreen and rain/light, coming home sensor. The Home Charge option adds a charging cable to charge directly at home using a 2.3 kW system, while Fast brings CCS fast charging capability with a DC charging capacity of 40kW.


No vehicle can hit the market without connectivity at its core, and to meet the growing consumer demand for better connection with the outside world, the all-electric city car is the first model to include SEAT CONNECT.

The system gives remote access and management of the vehicle, so customers can review driving data, parking position, the vehicle’s status, including doors and lights, manage the charging process via the e-Manager and the ability to control air-conditioning remotely – an important technology when you’re faced with extremes in climate – all from a smartphone app.

And it’s the link between the Mii electric and smartphone that brings the all-electric city car further to life with access to your music, radio, navigation, via the DriveMii App.

Engineered for the future

The move to an exclusively all-electric powertrain, opens the doors to a driving experience that fits more naturally with the city car’s environment. The Mii electric is engineered for the city, offering incredible agility whether you’re navigating dense urban areas or shooting for the most convenient parking space.

The Mii electric has the dimensions to succeed as a city vehicle with a total length of 3,556mm, width of 1,645mm, height of 1,481mm and a wheelbase of 2,421mm.

The chassis has been adapted and tuned to offer a precise, stable and controlled ride even when taking on the most complex of road layouts, while the power steering provides a well-weighted connection between driver, vehicle and tarmac.

At the centre of the Mii electric’s powertrain is its 61kW (83PS) motor – linked to a single-speed transmission – that can provide 212Nm of torque instantly, meaning the five-door vehicle can reach 50km/h in just 3.9 seconds. A skill that brings the city car into its own when you’re jumping in and out of traffic, or dashing between traffic lights.

Performance doesn’t end there; the Mii electric can reach 100km/h in only 12.3 seconds and has a top speed of 130km/h.

But the city car hasn’t simply been developed to meet the dynamic needs of city driving, it also offers incredible range from its 32.3kWh lithium-ion battery pack nestled in the chassis. The advanced energy storage technology provides up to 259km of range based on the combined WLTP test cycle, but in city use this grows to up to 358km on a single charge.

When plugged into a DC fast charger the battery can be replenished to 80% of capacity in as little as one hour, with charge times of roughly four hours on a 7.2kW AC system when plugged into a Wallbox or via a public infrastructure.

And no electric car can be considered without a well planned approach to recharging, and SEAT has spent considerable time defining the most convenient solutions. As part of the Mii electric offering SEAT supplies everything required to recharge the vehicle so customers only need focus on driving their vehicle.

Customers can choose to have a Wallbox installed to smooth their transition to an electrified future. Added to this, through a convenient smartphone app, users will be able to geolocalize and charge their Mii electric at public charging points.

“The SEAT Mii electric combines dynamism, performance and acceleration, but brings added qualities too: silence, low cost of ownership and a truly usable advanced powertrain,” said Axel Andorff, Executive Vice-President for Research & Development at SEAT. “It’s a vehicle that uses technology to bring real benefits to the market, and helps democratise electric vehicles.”

Living the electric life

The market for all-electric vehicles is at an exciting and dynamic time as the industry shifts to make mobility sustainable, and at the same time striving to democratise technologies that will decrease the impact on our environment, especially in densely populated, urban areas.

The Mii electric’s mixture of an advanced powertrain with a character that is confidently SEAT: fun to drive, connected and with a low cost of ownership, is the brand’s recipe for success in this ever evolving market.

The Mii electric is targeted at both private customers and fleets, those who spend the majority of their time traversing metropolitan and suburban streets, and see the benefit of zero emissions, but don’t want to surrender driver engagement when they’re behind the steering wheel.

But as important as dynamism and comfort are to consumers, it is the ease with which you can live with an electric vehicle that will determine its success. Facing this head on, SEAT has developed the Mii electric to meet the needs of all who drive it.

When the Mii electric enters its key markets – Germany, Netherlands, Norway, France, Spain, Austria, UK, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Poland – it will be one of the most affordable electric vehicles. Costing the same as an equivalent combustion engine vehicle in the segment, but with significantly lower total cost of ownership – battery electric vehicles require less maintenance.

And if you don’t want to buy the Mii electric outright, then leasing options will be available. In Germany for example, over a 36 month term and 10,000km, it will cost roughly €145/month (without downpayment), so people can simply enjoy driving it rather than worry about the costs involved. The leasing model will initially be available in Norway, Germany, Spain, France, the Netherlands and the UK.

Affordability is only one aspect of the Mii electric’s appeal, in order to make customers’ life easier, SEAT will also offer different charging options, so whether you’re at home, you’ve arrived at your destination or you’re on the road, recharging will be straightforward and trouble-free.

The Mii electric is compatible with various charging systems, so can be plugged into a traditional AC socket at home, an AC wallbox either at your home (various installation options are available), via a public infrastructure or at CCS DC fastcharging point while on the road. The range of options means that the Mii electric’s battery can be replenished in as little as an hour, using a 40 kW DC charging system.

Electric ancestry

The Mii electric is the latest part of SEAT’s history with electrification. In 1992 the brand produced an all-electric Toledo to accompany athletes on the marathon route at the summer Olympic games in Barcelona. The vehicle boasted a range of 64km from its 500kg battery pack.

More recently SEAT introduced the e-Mii prototype carsharing pilot project. A fleet of five vehicles are used on the roads of Barcelona, allowing more than 1,000 employees at SEAT Metropolis:Lab Barcelona and the Pier 01 Barcelona Tech City, to hop in and out of vehicles as and when they need. The project has fed into the Mii electric vehicle and given valuable insight into how electric vehicles work on public roads.

Technical data

Motor:   Max. power 61kW (83PS)

                Max. torque 212Nm

Battery: Lithium-ion

                Capacity 32.3kWh (net energy)

                Charge time at DC 40kW to 80%, ~1 hour

Charge time at AC 7.2kW to 80%, ~4 hours


Combined: 250-259km (WLTP)

Urban: 349-358km (WLTP)



0-50km/h in 3.9 seconds

0-100km/h in 12.3 seconds

Top speed 130km/h


Length: 3,556mm

Width: 1,645mm

Height: 1,481mm

Wheelbase: 2,421mm

Turning diameter: 9.8 metres

Boot capacity: 251 litres (up to 923litres with rear seats folded)

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