As big fans of electric vehicle startup Rivian, it's exciting to wake up to a fresh visuals from the company headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan. That's just what happened this morning. 

The outfit has published a new video, just under seven minutes in length, that tells us a bit of their back story, gives us a look at its products in action, and features assorted team members talking about different features – from the vehicle's screen-based infotainment unit to the interior design. 

Now, if you're also a Rivian fan and as voracious about consuming every scrap of info and material the company produces, some of this video may strike you as familiar. That's because it incorporates a good amount of footage that we've seen before. Yes, just as you might expect from an environmentally aware business, they've done a fair bit of recycling here.

We don't mind since there are also new bits of footage to be found. Still, though, with the recent Rivian posting of an R1T pickup "sending it" up a sand dune and the behind-the-scene footage from a video shoot in British Columbia, Canada, we were kind of hoping we'd get to see more of the vehicle's athleticism being demonstrated.

The company touts the R1T's 3-second 0-to-60, but we've yet to see it properly demonstrated. Of course, we'd also like to see its best imitation of a mountain goat. And maybe a hippopotamus-crossing-a-river impression while we're at it. Hopefully, these sorts of videos will be forthcoming soon, but in the meantime, we'll leave you to enjoy this particular one.

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