Like many of Tesla's lofty goals and efforts, its V3 Supercharger situation isn't exactly rolling out as rapidly as planned. It seemed to be, at least initially, but that hasn't continued to be the case. The automaker has lots on its plate and it clearly chooses its priorities based on finances, demand, necessity, and the like.

Still, Tesla has promised to incrementally roll out more Supercharging stations over time, with specific emphasis on its new V3 technology. While the automaker may fall behind, it almost always delivers on its promises. 

To say that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is positive, goal-oriented, and exceedingly optimistic might be the understatement of the century. However, just looking at what he's been able to accomplish in his life thus far is a testament to the worth of holding such a high and potentially unattainable bar.

In the end, however, Tesla and Musk will continue to set sky-high goals and work to accomplish them. For example, according to a recent report on Electrek, the Silicon Valley all-electric automaker is reportedly in the process of starting construction on a huge, 28-stall Supercharger station that will connect Los Angeles to Phoenix.

Keep in mind, this is all while it's working toward another record quarter in terms of vehicle production and deliveries, completing a factory in China, beginning plans for a factory in Germany, readying the Cybertruck for its upcoming reveal, testing the Model Y, accelerating plans for a million-mile battery, acquiring companies like Maxwell Technologies and Hibar Systems, as well as working on battery deals with companies like CATL. You can't really make this stuff up, right? Did we miss anything?

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