To continue to build past the initial trial phase, Tesla needs to obtain a license from China.

As Telsa touts the incredible completion of its brand-new automotive manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China — unofficially or officially coined as Gigafactory 3, depending on who you ask — the company now has to secure official rights to actually build its cars there.

For those not in the know, Tesla plans to manufacture the Model 3, and eventually, the Model Y in China. Both cars will only be made in China for the market there. It's important to point out that the company built this manufacturing monstrosity in record time.

In addition, for those who doubt the Silicon Valley automaker's future and continue to poke fun at CEO Elon Musk and his overly optimistic timelines, this is a testament to what you "can" and "need" to do in order to move forward as a successful global automaker in this day and age.

In fact, according to Bloomberg, once Tesla gets its official approval, it will be the first "wholly foreign-controlled automaker [that] has made a car in China." Yet another first coming from Tesla. This is all very interesting since the American automaker continues to endure a plethora of negative press and scrutiny overall.

Newly appointed Tesla chairperson Robyn Denholm said Tesla is now working with local Chinese authorities to assure the acquisition of a much-needed manufacturing license. Tesla is already building Model 3 vehicles in the country but needs this license prior to the end of the year to move forward as planned. She said:

“We’re working with the local government to get our manufacturing certification, which we hope we will be able to get by the end of the year."

According to the Bloomberg story, Denholm didn't disclose Tesla's China-based battery supplier (or suppliers).

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