The most recent sales reports from Norway reveal that the Audi e-tron was the best-selling all-electric model (and plug-in in general) for the month of October with 873 new registrations and an outstanding market share of 8.3%!

It's a good opportunity to check how the high-end crossover/SUV segment develops. We checked and compared sales data for the Audi e-tron, Tesla Model X and Jaguar I-PACE, as those are probably the closest competitors (soon to be joined by the Mercedes-Benz EQC).

Tesla Model X, Jaguar I-PACE, Audi e-tron registrations in Norway - October 2019

Tesla Model X has been pioneering the segment since 2016 and already almost 13,000 were sold. However, since the Jaguar I-PACE and Audi e-tron joined the market, there is a noticeable decrease in sales:


Data for 2019 indicate that Tesla Model X finds less customers than the I-PACE and e-tron:

  • Tesla Model X - 1,781 YTD (compared to 4,981 in full 2018)
  • Jaguar I-PACE - 2,820 YTD (compared to 1,081 in 2018)
  • Audi e-tron - 4,577 YTD (new)
  • Total - 9,178 YTD (compared to 6,062 in full 2018)

It's especially interesting because the overall sales expanded in 2019. There is no shortage of customers, which suggests that the preferences have changed.

Is it a trend that will be repeated also in other European markets? Difficult to say, as currently every country has its own specific situation and Norway is way more advanced in regards to adoption of electric cars than other countries.

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