The growth of the European plug-in electric passenger car market accelerated to the highest rate in a few years as plug-in hybrids finally show some gains (over a weak September 2018).

According to EV Sales Blog data, last month sales amounted to about 58,662 (close to record), which is 76% more than a year ago at a relatively high 4.6% market share.

Together with conventional hybrids, xEV (HEV, PHEV, BEV) market share for the very first time reached 10% in Europe.

All-electric car sales stand at an all-time high of around 41,000 and more than doubled year-over-year (up 109%), taking 3.2% of the entire market and 69% of all plug-ins.

Plug-in hybrids, with a growth rate of 28%, are bouncing back after the requirement of WLTP certification wiped out many models in September 2018.

After nine months of 2019, sales amounted to over 379,700 at an average of 3.0% market share (2.0% or two-thirds for BEVs).

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Europe – September 2019


Most popular models

Volume deliveries of Tesla Model 3 in September translated into a new all-time monthly record of 17,490 in Europe. That's over 42% of all BEVs sold and 30% of all plug-ins!

Tesla Model 3 without a doubt will be the #1 selling plug-in model in Europe in 2019, while the Renault ZOE is expected to place second at probably over 45,000, maybe 50,000, depending on results.

The race for the third position for the year is still open for few models.


Top 5 for the month:


Comparison of sales in Europe and in the U.S.


Source: EV Sales Blog

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