In terms of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles in China, there are two stand out manufacturers - CATL and BYD.

Here we will take a look at the battery pack numbers for the month of September and YTD, provided by Moneyball.

September 2019

Last month, the top pack makers by capacity deployed were:

  • CATL - 928.7 MWh
  • Pride Power (using CATL cells) - 614.2 MWh
  • BYD - 352.3 MWh

Some other companies down the list also use CATL cells, which means that CATL is above 1 GWh per month on cell level.


January-September 2019

Numbers for the first nine months of 2019

  • CATL - 9,781 MWh (23.2% share)
  • BYD - 8,542.1 MWh (20.2% share)
  • Pride Power (using CATL cells) - 4,999.7 MWh (11.8% share)

The top three pack suppliers deployed more than 55% of battery capacity. CATL is a cell supplier to the majority of the other Top 20 pack manufacturers (usually carmakers), which shows us how strong its position is in the home market.


* Some other companies down the list also uses CATL cells

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