Sales of plug-in electric cars in Germany doubled in September to 9,452 new registrations (up by exactly 100% year-over-year) as both all-electric and plug-in hybrid segments are growing (finally!).

Plug-in hybrids managed even to set the all-time record of 3,572! It's not a mystery that with many new PHEVs on the market there will be more records set rather sooner than later.

The overall market share for the past month was a record 3.86%, which is a huge jump compared to the previous 2.8% in March!

  • BEVs: 5,880 – up 149% at ≈2.40% market share
  • PHEVs: 3,572 – up 51% at ≈1.46% market share

Plug-in electric car registrations in Germany – September 2019


Sales of models/brands:

September was, of course, a month of volume deliveries of Tesla Model 3, which sparked a surge of registrations in many European countries. In Germany, 1,516 registrations (#1 among all plug-ins) was above June (1,336), but far less than 2,224 in March. During eight months, Tesla delivered some 7,676 Model 3.

Interestingly, BMW i3 set its own 3rd consecutive and 6th this year sales record - 865 (including 863 BEVs). In total 7,345 registrations YTD places i3 just behind Tesla Model 3 (7,676 YTD).

However, the top this year is still the Renault ZOE with 634 registrations in September and 7,872 YTD!

Among plug-in hybrids, the two top-selling models were Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (685) and BMW 225xe Active Tourer iPerformance (505).

Official stats:


Source: KBA

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