Some Taycans have been spotted in Germany, but this may be the first in North America.

Reportedly, there are only two Porsche Taycan all-electric vehicles floating around North American at the moment, which makes it a rarity for sure.

Kim from Like Tesla recently enjoyed the welcome opportunity to see one of the few North American Taycans up close. She was attending one of the many National Drive Electric Week (NDEW) events. More specifically, she attended the event in Atlanta, Georgia.

As Kim explains, the all-electric Porsche she is checking out was just offloaded from a truck after being at the debut event in Niagara Falls. She initially provides us with a brief walkaround of the Taycan before moving on to explore the event in all its glory.

Kim says that the Atlanta event is a huge deal, and the second-largest NDEW of its kind, only surpassed by an event in California. Some 300 EVs were on display, including some very unique cars. You'll have to watch the video to see some other cool EV shares.

Fortunately for the Taycan fans, Kim returns to the Porsche to talk with some employees and investigate in greater detail. She gets a chance to see the very small frunk, which she sadly can't sit in. Kim also procedes to ask a ton of fantastic questions. The Porsche team at the event exposes plenty of details.

In the end, Kim chills in a Tesla frunk and chats a bit about how the Taycan compares. She also shares the following image to help us compare:

model s and porsche taycan comparo

Check out the video to learn more. Then, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via Like Tesla on YouTube:

First Look at One of Two Porsche Taycan's in North America!

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