The million-mile electric car battery has been making headlines of late and it would be perfect in the upcoming Tesla pickup truck. Is it actually being designed for the Tesla Truck?

Back in April of this year, Elon Musk said that a new battery pack designed to last at least one million miles would be available next year. This pack, likely the result of work by Tesla battery researcher Jeff Dahn and possibly connected to Tesla's acquisition of Maxwell Technologies, would take the Tesla Truck to the next level.

Trucks are known for reliability and dependability. In fact, reliability often tops the list for truck buyers. Performance and other aspects generally rank much lower. How can Tesla assure electric truck buyers that the Tesla Truck will be reliable? Quite simply by offering a million-mile battery with a warranty to back it up.


The Tesla Truck reveal has been pushed back a bit until November or so now. Perhaps the delay is for waiting on the battery tech to be ready for the reveal too? Tesla's much, anticipated Battery Day has been delayed too, with it likely occurring in early 2020. However, the truck doesn't have to debut with the million-mile battery, but rather Tesla has to be certain it's possible to even make suh a battery.


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If Tesla were to put this million-mile battery into a vehicle, then our bet is that it would first appear in the Tesla truck. It just makes sense to put such a breakthrough battery into what will surely be a super exciting product with loads of demand.

However it all works out, in the end, remains to be known, but if we were to place bets on which Tesla is first to get the million-mile battery, then our money would be on the upcoming Tesla Truck.

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