Sales of plug-in electric cars in China are decreasing. After a 7% drop in July, August brings a 12% decrease year-over-year to around 80,900.

The reason behind that is the deep cut of incentives in late June:

  • No more subsidies for New Energy Vehicles with range below 250 km (155 miles) NEDC
  • halved subsidies for higher range models

... and situation on the overall car market (down 8%).

Especially the PHEVs were affected and, without support, collapsed by 51%! On the other hand, BEVs managed to go 4% up (it was 1% up in July).

Plug-in car market share was 4.1% last month and 6% YTD as over 793,000 were already sold.

Plug-in electric car sales in China – August 2019


Model rank

As it turns out, the Baojun E-Series fits the current Chinese NEV market the best. Sales of this tiny two-seater amounted to 8,698 thanks to catching on BEV subsidies.

Baojun E200
Baojun E200

Strong results were noted also by the BAIC EU-Series (7,580), BAIC EX-Series (6,568), BYD Yuan BEV/BYD S2 BEV (5,468) and also the GAC Aion S (3,815).

An interesting phenomenon is the BMW 530Le plug-in hybrid, which someway noted 3,001 sales (the top foreign model), which is two times more than the estimated Tesla Model 3 sales (1,500).

The MG ZS EV (recently introduced in UK) had 1,874 sales.

Here are the top five YTD:

  • BAIC EU-Series - 7,580 (65,593 YTD)
  • BYD Yuan BEV/BYD S2 BEV – 5,468 (57,413 YTD)
  • Baojun E-Series – 8,698 (31,900 YTD)
  • BYD e5 - 1,963 (28,184 YTD)
  • BYD Tang PHEV – 1,658 (27,932 YTD)

Source: EV Sales Blog

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